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New Hot Brunch Spot In The City: Ginkgo Cafe

A greenhouse, impeccable menu, velvet couches & stunning decor with lots of coffee in the heart of Montreal?I’M IN!Ginkgo is the recent new hot spot in the city, and I was impressed with this unique concept where you can grab a quick coffee and a croissant to go,  have a drink with friends, sit in a corner and finish your homework before running to class or enjoy lunch, supper or brunch like we did on this Saturday morning.

Ginkgo is extremely kids friendly and I was the happiest mama that I could spoil my two little ones with the yummiest food that morning. GUYS, if you are a breakfast potato fan, these ones are just BEYOND, portions are gigantic to feed you till night and coffee is just as good as the rest.  Cutest story, Gingko was named after a special Japanese tree with a distinctive fan-shaped leaf that means nothing but longevity and endurance, fitting so perfectly with the decor and vibes of this new place.You’ll see plants everywhere up to the ceiling, a mix of tiles and cement floors, marble countertops with communal tables, open windows with the most beautiful morning light and a big terrace for our warm days, and yes, a total Instagram heaven.What we tried from the brunch menu:- Eggs Benedict Ham, Asparagus, and Cheese- Eggs Benedict Florentin- The traditional breakfast for Oli and Nico with eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fruits
– Meat lover Omelette (with bacon, ham, sausage, bologne, and cheddar)
They also have a healthy menu, kids options, and healthy smoothies.  

Can you believe this place? 
Our benis, and yes, we obviously finished them all*duh*

Don’t touch mama, these are my potatoes ok?
Ps. This post was shot entirely with my Iphone7 plus camera. and I still think this is crazy. So much quality in such a little device!
Ginkgo Cafe & Bar 308 Rue Saint-Catherine EstMon – Wed 7am to midnight /  Thu – Sat 7am to 3am / Sun 7am to 3pmReservations: You’ll need them only if you are a big group. They take reservation even on their Facebook chat.Price range: $Kids Friendly: Omg yes. Of course, you won’t bring your kids at cocktail hour, our brunch time here was A+. I didn’t see changing tables inside the restrooms, but next time I promise I’ll ask them if they have.

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  1. OMG this place looks amazing! And your kids are just too cute!XOhttp://www.lehoarder.com/

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