Montreal Indie Coffee Crawl: 4 Spots to Visit with Your Toddler

Independent coffee shop crawl, let’s go!This time, I recently visited 4 quiet, beautiful and intimate spots that can be a perfect excuse to visit with your toddler, as I did with Nico during his Spring break. Even though I finally decided (very last-minute) to register Nico at school camp, I sneaked in some days picking him up earlier to share some moments together. My hubby has been away the past week, so tiny mama-cute boy moments are forever appreciated, right?I’ve been trying to do everything this week, like cleaning, cooking, taking care of both Nico and Oli, shooting content, following the crazy news happening at my home country and trying to focus to have the will to write here as much as I can.I swear I’m doing my best, and my two weekly blog posts will be back soon, so soon!In the meantime, hope this guide will help you discover cute places and sip a coffee or two.


This hidden spot is on the fifth level of the new SSENSE store at Old Montreal and is serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks all day. This space is absolutely dreamy, with a communal concrete table and a ton of natural light, and lots of grey, chrome and minimalism everywhere you look.Recommended: A cappuccino (I usually have them with a double shot) and SSENSE didn’t disappoint.Tip: Go there early, so you’ll pick a premium spot in the communal table.

Venice Old Montreal

An oldie but a goodie spot we never get tired of it. The OG and first Venice in the city is the one we visit the most and we love their healthy but delish options on the menu and its colourful vibe.Recommended: Nico loves the margarita pizza and I love the edamame with a coffee, usually a latte or cappuccino.Tip: During the weekdays is way easier to get a table, just make sure you visit for a snack, after crazy lunch hours. 

Gypsy Cafe

Coffee shop during the day (and totally family friendly)  and bar during the night. Gypsy is the new kid on the block in Plateau, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch or a simple coffee in you’re in the vibe for a caffeinated break. Plenty of plants, rattan and tiles (YAY tiles) are present in this coffee shop, with a very wanderlust meets sunny California to cheer all of us up.Recommended: they serve oatmilk cappuccinos (YES!) and I loved it. Also, we snacked a bit and loved the fries.Tip: It’s a refreshing, summery-all-year-long kind of spot, perfect for any situation: if you want a snack or work, I loved it in here.

Le Petit Dep

This coffee spot is for sure love at first visit for us, and it’s been around for a while in Old port, with a charming mint facade and a daily fresh selection of pastries, all homemade and adorable! They’re so sweet with kids, we keep visiting them so often.Recommended: Any mini salad (are delish!) and of course, their coffee.Tip: they have a mini-store inside with local products and produce, perfect for any gifts you need to buy any time of the year.