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3 smart tips on how to keep your little ones from getting sick

It’s official: Spring is here you guys!This week we are feeling the warmth, the sun is shining and I feel so much closer to one of our favourite seasons in the city with the kiddos. Don’t you just want to jump, like me?With Spring, the transition from season to season is bringing many things: the prettiest flowers, longer days, that sweet warm breeze and yes, that unwanted, cold.The temperature swings are most drastic in our city, and our little Nico and Oli usually welcome the new season with symptoms.In partnership with our pals at Boogie Wipes saline nose wipes, today I’ll show you 3 handy, smart and useful tips to prevent colds and get ready to enjoy all the sunshine.

Cold-free hygiene, yes! We got this 

Teaching kids how hygiene is important can be easy!

  • Washing hands, ALL the time: and I mean this, not only between seasons but every single day. Soap and running water are your lil’ ones BFFs especially if they go to daycare and touch pretty..  Much.. Everything. Did you know that the act of just rubbing your hands together for at least 20 seconds will eliminate the germs? Show them in a cute way how washing our hands is the best way to be clean, happy and cold-free!

  • Teaching them prevention is key with good hygiene: you need to make it fun and real so it sticks, right? I know you’ll ask, but, how? Here’s a cute way: sprinkle a bit of glitter on your kid’s hands and wash it without soap. Right after, wash it with soap and show them the difference. Glitter could represent the germs they’re exposed every day. If they don’t get quite yet how they spread the germs, use the same glitter on your hands and then touch their belly, shoulders and cheeks, they’ll automatically understand why it’s so important. Here’s a great video to show you exactly how to do this 

Always have by your side your next-level saline water wipes, Boogie WipesⓇ Saline Nose Wipes by Your Side

I can’t even explain each of you HOW amazing these wipes are. We’ve been fans of Boogie WipesⓇ saline nose wipes for a-while, they are pretty much, life. Here are a few tips why they are the best and why you need to get them even if the cold symptoms aren’t at your home yet:

  • Infused with natural saline, Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes make it easier to wipe away mucus, like – win, win – instant jackpot!

  • They’re alcohol-free and made with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E, and I love how they’re such a gentle alternative to dry tissues.

  • You can find them everywhere (yaaaay!) They are available at pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores in Canada.

Let’s boost our immune system now, shall we? 

Yes! Having a strong, solid and healthy immune system is the number one priority when we welcome any new season. Here’s our holy grail of “heya Spring, we got this”:

  • Probiotics, probiotics: they are good for everything! All the active cultures found in yogurt are all healthy bacteria keeping germs at bay in our lil’ ones’ tummies. Taking them on a daily basis, they help to alleviate stomach-problems and we are less prone to develop colds, yay! 

  • All the fruits, all the Vitamin C: They are magic when you need a boost, magic! Healthy food is real medicine, have you heard that? the best options: oranges, blueberries & kiwis.

  • They need a solid night sleep: kiddos need between 10 hours of sleep daily, and the quality of that sleep is the most important. Try to organize a quiet and smooth bed routine, We usually take a hot bath, read a book, talk about our day and hug while we go to sleep. 
So, how do you avoid colds at home?Thank you, Boogie WipesⓇ saline nose wipes for sponsoring this post and partnering with HeyMaca.
All opinions and tips expressed here are entirely ours.

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