Shop Update: Two Weeks after our Official Launch!

The prettiest pastel enamel pins

Officially two weeks! 14 days since we decided to hit “LIVE” oh my gosh. Our HeyMaca shop was one of my goals to cross from my “let’s make all the projects in this entrepreneurial life” and I gotta say, it’s been AH-mazing so far. 

Partnering with my almost-twin, Lucile, has been the biggest blessing (as cheesy as it sounds) and the best way to start a brand.

Much has happened the past two weeks, remember our first update just before launching

Well, you need to read this solid update, sweet friends!

The Best Paper Shops in Montreal

The unexpected things

So we hit ‘LAUNCH THIS SHOP NOW” button and BOOM, we freaked out. We didn’t know what to expect and it was the best feeling I ever had in a long, long time. We got an AMAZING feedback from SO-MANY-PEOPLE that I’m still tearing, to be entirely honest. A lot of you shared our excitement on Instagram stories, bought one little product and some of you bought more than one. 

What we didn’t expect? Our Montreal Hidden Gems postcard was sold out the first day. YES, SOLD OUT. Thankfully, we ordered a ton more just before the launch and the stars of shipping were aligned so we got it the very next day. Right after solving problem numero uno, our Montreal Art Print was also sold out. OH MON DIEU.  We’re waiting to receive our second prints shipment, but hey, I guess at this point we need to enjoy these unexpected things, right?

What we also didn’t expect? How to print a shipment label (insert confused GIFs in here), how to work with orders (inventory is so scary), calculations, duties when you ship internationally, TAXES, picking the right bubble envelopes to deliver each package (that is environmentally accepted) and SO-MANY-LITTLE-THINGS. 

You guys, LAUNCHING A SHOP IS SO HARD – sorry If  I’m screaming, but it is hard.

A really good nota bene after all the hard work:. We are working on adding a “pre-order” option to our new and sold out products so you can reserve it in advance, just hang a bit in there, coding isn’t exactly my favourite language, AND, knowing now the hidden gem maps is your favourite product so far, we’re launching our city collection! Next up? Miami AND Palm Springs!


Pastel Stationery Collection

Guess what? We are whole-selling! YA!

… and OF COURSE we started locally, in Montreal! As soon as we launched our e-commerce shop, we also delivered our collection to our favourite shops in the city (before you ask, OUI, we’re working on more and more point of sales right now).

If you really want to see, touch and even hug our products (they’re SO cuddly & huggable, fo’real!) you can visit these shops:

Boucle et Papier

Les Voisines

– St-Henri Librarie

– Babasouk 


Endless THANKS to each of you. You made it happen. and we’ll love YOU forever.


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