Tiny Food: The Easiest Mini Arancini for Your Next Picnic Menu!

Tiny Food Arancini Recipe

I grew up in Venezuela, surrounded by many Italian friends and family, I think you can understand why this mama is such a foodie now, right? One of the things I looved eating but never nailed cooking were arancini balls. 

My dad’s best friend, a Sicilian we adore, introduced us to arancini during our Christmas parties at home and I remember looking at them wondering what those crunchy rice balls were. Arancini are deep fried risotto balls filled with many things: meat, cheese, mozzarella, mushrooms and much more. 

I tried a few times to make them at home and couldn’t find the perfect recipe, and today, I discovered a Canadian family Cucina Foods, a company who makes the most delicious frozen mini arancini I’ve tried in a long, long time (trust me on this one).

If you’re planning your next picnic menu, these mini arancini will impress your family and will take little time to prep, yay!


Mini Arancini Flavours
Easy Mini Arancini recipe

How to eat Arancini? 

Arancini are sold as snacks at pizza spots, restos and bars in Southern Italy and I enjoy them in my kitchen with my little ones for supper just after they come back from school, yay! Cucina Food frozen arancini are seasoned with saffron, a spice that brings so much flavour and a signature yellow colour, they are nut free (god bless), with no sugar, no preservatives, non GMO and no artificial flavours added. 

You’ll only need to place them in the oven at 450 degrees in a tray and in 17 minutes you’ll have the crispiest and yummiest mini arancini. Topped them with fresh parmigiano and with a marinara sauce on the side. 

Check below all the flavours Cucina Foods have for us, and you can find them at all Metro across Quebec, so exciting!

Mini Arancini Ready to Serve


Our kids’ favourite one! They are filled with rich and creamy mozzarella cheese 


Filled with rich and creamy fresh ricotta, spinach, mozzarella and authentic parmigiano (my favourite!)

Mini Arancini Ricotta Ready to Serve
Mini Arancini Ball Recipes


The authentic mix of peas, carrots in a tomato meat sauce with classic mozzarella


My husbands’ favourite, filled with a delicious homemade tomato sauce, fresh basil and classi mozzarella

Mini Arancini Balls Recipe
Porcini mini arancini balls recipe


Filled with porcini & button mushrooms in a marsala cream sauce with classic mozzarella, yum!

mini arancini balls easy recipe

If you’re drooling at this point ( I know, I know), head to my Instagram page where you can win ALL the mini arancini flavours (not kidding) and make them at home! 

Mini Arancini Recipe

Endless thanks to Cucina Foods for sponsoring this post today. All the opinions and comments are entirely mine.

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