These Women-Owned Local Brands Are My Faves You Should Know About

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International Women’s Day (IWD) is like the ultimate girl power party on March 8th every year! It’s a day where we all come together to celebrate the fierce, fabulous, and unstoppable force that is womankind, right?

I always think of IWD as a giant high-five to all the amazing women who have kicked down doors, challenged the normal and fought for their rights in every corner of the world. It’s a time to honor US, girls who inspire us to dream big and break barriers.


As we get ready to celebrate this day, let’s spread some love and support for the fabulous women-owned local brands that are rocking the scene, from cozy home decor to mouthwatering foodie finds and everything in between, these brands are all about passion, creativity, and making life more beautiful.

Scroll down and let’s celebrate the incredible women behind these gems as we explore your new favorite go-to brands across home decor, accessories, food, and beyond!


If you don’t know BKIND yet, where have you been? This incredible, inspiring and sustainable brand was founded in 2014 in Montreal by my adorable friend Marilyne Bouchard. Her mission? Develop body, face and lifesytle products with natural ingredients perfect for sensitive skins (with the prettiest shop and branding, ever.)

Want to know more? Check their online shop here



You know it, babasouk is and will be (forever and ever) one of my life crushes, not only because my sweet friend Stephanie is the best at everything she does, but also because they bring a dose of happiness, joy and positivity to our homes thanks to their beautiful curated selection of home accents, rugs and much more. 

Want to know more? Check their online shop here



You bet Mandy’s had to be in the top 3 of this list, owned by Rebecca and Mandy,  the sisters that played so smartly their strengths to create this concept: Mandy came up with an original menu while Rebecca designed the interior of the restaurants – the perfect duo!.  Many years after they have built the most inspiring, healthy and adorable line of local gourmet salads spots in the city that we feel SO proud of. 

Want to know more? Check their online shop here



If you are a fan of sweet, delicate and unique scents for your home and wellbeing, Flambette is THE brand you need around you, for real. Created by the two most adorable humans, Marie-Michelle and Tania, Flambette brings beauty into the world curating incredible candles, hand lotions and many home products in Quebec, (and I love them more than Taylor Swift – NEXT level love, yep).

Want to know more? Check their online shop here.


Josie Daisy

Josie Daisy represents all the love I have for handmade ceramics and cuteness, bringing to life the most beautiful flower vases, pots, mugs, plates made in Montreal – just perfection and so much talent.

Check out her collection here

Maguire shoes

If you know me well, you are up to date that I’m a shoe lover connoisseur, correct? Well, Maguire shoes, a montreal-born brand founded by sisters Myriam and Romy are my FAVE brand to wear any season. They design the most incredible, comfy and stylish footware collection I’ve worn to date. YES – you need to jump into the Maguire train, STAT bestie!

Check out Maguire magical shoes here


When you ask me: so Maca who’s your favourite local fashion designer right now? Hands down I’ll scream Eliza Faulkner. Based in Montreal, Eliza is the mastermind behind everything bold, feminine and colourful, with the greatest care selecting ethical and sustainable fabrics for all her pieces – a dream.

Check out  her collections here


If you are in the lookout for statement, colourful and playful jewelry pieces, I gotcha girl – Nina Janvier it is what you needed to discover today. Nina carefully curates a handmade jewelry line made in gold, silver or brass, reflecting her vintage personality – love love love.

Check out Nina’s work here

luminaire authentik

Maude is the founder of Luminaire Authentik, an inspiring lighting brand that designs unique light fixtures custom made to order (hello, no waste in production!) with impeccable finishes and a very unique aesthetic – something I adore in home decor brands. 

Check out Luminaire Authentik collection here

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