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Melbourne Café: A Brunch You’ll Need To Repeat Every Month

Our mornings are quite easy:Olivia wakes up, bottle in bed with us.Nico is up, asking for Star wars.This mama wakes up, and is already planning our next brunch place we’ll go to.A few weekends ago, we were very lucky and found a table in the hip Melbourne Cafe, an Australian coffee shop with the most scrumptious menu you’ll ever have that you’ll need to repeat every month and I’m 100% serious about this. I’ve been to Melbourne a few times before to sip some coffee and enjoy their laid back vibes, so I was pretty excited to try it this brunch for the first time. 

I honestly had no idea about Australian food, so I was beyond stoked to try new flavors and especially in a pop-up brunch that is usually sold out before noon. We ordered some Matcha lattes and Pink ones, made with beets, and in all honesty, I decided after this try, I’ll keep my options as classic as possible when it comes to coffee selections, even though this pink latte is still the cutest ever made.We had a little bit of everything that day, (guys I’m salivating now just thinking about my plates again), and I have to say, the presentation was absolutely stunning and creative, portions are more than generous and extremely delicious.Here’s what we ordered:-Elle MacPherson  Another level of a traditional avo toast, made with sourdough bread, roasted tomatoes, a soft-boiled egg on top and grilled halloumi.– Nicole KidmanAn insane smoked salmon on a bagel (yas!), with wasabi cream cheese, edamame, yuzu tahini, watercress and a soft-boiled egg.– Michael HutchenceBrioche bun from heaven, loaded with mac and cheese, avocado, bacon, melted cheddar, tomato jam, miso mayo and a fried egg on top.– Shane WarneOvernight (and cutest) oats with banana, berries, toasted nuts, and pistachio shortbread. 

Melbourne’s pop-up brunch menu changes every week or so, with the exception of two (and my total favorite) Nicole Kidman and Elle MacPherson.Make sure you are there at 10am sharp as I did to find a table, and check Melbourne’s Facebook page here where they usually post about the brunch dates because they change too.After this epic brunch, this girl is planning a trip to Australia soon.
Hello, double chin!

Melbourne Café4615 Rue Saint-LaurentBrunch hours: Sat – Sun 10am to 3pmPrice range: $Reservations: not availableKids Friendly: Yes and Yes! Staff is super cute and always ready to help. No changing tables or high chairs, but if you arrive early, you can easily pick a table in the back (:

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  1. OMG this looks ah-mazing Maca! How crazy that everything sells out so quickly! I really need to find more cute brunchy places. XOhttp://www.lehoarder.com/

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