Our adorable botanical adventure to La Gacilly!

Best Things to do in La Gacilly

Last month, I packed all my summery dresses, hats and cute shoes to attend the dreamiest botanical and natural birthday party invitation in La Gacilly, France hosted by the team of Yves Rocher Canada to celebrate their 60th anniversary (pinch me!).

We arrived to sunny Paris, super excited to see the city of lights all over again and this time, just me! 

We had a packed itinerary including visiting La Gacilly, and seeing we only  had a few free hours in Paris, (and as you know me), I had to do a back-to-back visit to my favourite places in the city (already prepared a Paris guide I’ll be posting real soon here, yay!)

Yves Rocher La Gacilly

It all began with one man, his love of nature, the inspiration he found in the plant world, and his desire to create a beauty brand within the reach of all women.

we arrived to la gacilly!

La Gacilly is home of Yves Rocher, where the brand was born and still has a notable presence. Endless botanical fields, an interactive museum, its first family home  are the essence of this little and charming town. 

Calendula, Chamomile, Cornflower are the most popular flowers you’ll see everywhere in La Gacilly and having the opportunity to smell them every morning was a true blessing. 

In this press trip, I experienced how committed they’re with nature, starting with a stay at the Yves Rocher 100% eco-hotel & spa.

La Gacilly France

diy galore cuteness!





We discovered the botanical beauty valley as soon as we arrived to La Gacilly and celebrated (as you saw on the zillion Instagram stories I posted) a ton of DIY activities, like: 

 •  Flower Crown Creation • Botanical Tattoos make-up • Petals hand & foot baths and vegan food trucks with summer-inspired cocktails, a true Pinterest-worthy scene.

In the afternoon, we had some time to relax at the eco-Hotel Spa  with some more activities: I created and learned how to do my very own herbal tea and personalized to connect my specific needs, like relaxing and de-stressing at night. I learned how to mix different flowers and herbs, high five, Maca!

Botanical food recipes
Yves Rocher Hey maca
Botanical food ideas

you can create a better world, too




We finished our lovely DIY galore day and learned SO much with a guided visit to Yves Rocher museum. 

Did you know that plants have extraordinary powers, they each have a genius, and active ingredients that willcnourish, protect and revitalize our skin, and yes! all natural ingredients. 

I think experiencing 4 days of an immersive botanical experience changed me in so many ways, appreciating way more growing organically, locally our plants, reducing the consumption of plastic (I’ll be posting a full guide on this as well) and if we all believe we can change our habits with baby steps, it will definitely help create a better world together.

La Gacilly flower fields

Endless thanks to Yves Rocher Canada for extending this invite and hosting the most amazing four days in magical La Gacilly.