The New Hey Maca Studio Reveal: Our Living Room

After 3.5 years renting the Hey Maca Studio in the same building, 2023 started and I made the biggest business decision to date: signing a new lease moving my dream studio to a brand new location (that I simply cannot believe exists in Montreal, to be honest).

Welcome to the new Hey Maca Studio 2.0, friends! 

Today I’m beyond excited to introduce you to our very official studio reveal showing the new space, starting with my favourite area: The Living Room.

The new Living area

In this new space, the living area was the one who convinced me to make this move. As soon as you step in the new studio, the first thing you’ll see are the beautiful 16 ft loft-style windows that surround the area I designated to place allll the cute colourful sofas and armchairs.

When you work as a photographer as myself, having natural light all day long is key, (so you can imagine my excitement with this upgrade!). I knew the first thing I had to do moving in was to place a beautiful set of custom blinds and curtains, where I could play with the quantity of light I want to use for my shoots. 

Luckily, I partnered with my C&M Textiles friends, bringing to life these unique, beautiful and modern motorized blinds made to size (that totally change the game if you have high ceilings just like here). As a designer, the selection of blinds and curtains will bring a total different vibe to any space and having a talented team to walk you through the process from conception, measurements and installation is key. 

As soon as I moved in all the furniture and saw my bold furniture colour palette, I picked a neutral option for both blinds and curtains with the help of C&M Textiles free consultation as the first step. 


My dream selection for the new living room 

– White linen ripple fold curtains, the most aesthetically pleasing option for these loft-style windows (from inside and outside) – I am seriously in awe every time I look at them (and you will too)

– Tons of plants and flowers, adding a special touch 

– A big rug that defines the living area from the rest of the space 

– Motorized blinds that helps control the heat and direct sun that comes in the studio with only a push of a button (I know, the future!).

– Many colourful pillows to compliment the different furniture pieces 

Endless thanks to our C&M Textiles friends for partnering with us in this beautiful studio project. Stay tuned for the next studio reveals, coming soon here!


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