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25 Perfect Fashionably Late Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday List

Merry Christmas my lovely friends,For the second year in a row and this time fashionably late, I’ve organized 25 cute gift ideas for your entire holiday list, all coming from my favorite shops (including some local ones I adore) yay! Prepare that hot chocolate and sugar cookies, and let’s shop even if it’s a bit late, together!
Ps. Endless thanks to Babasouk for this insanely beautiful picture
For your home lover friendone. Pink Smeg toaster two. Babasouk’s peace & love printthree. Too sweet mini cakestand four. Nespresso Citiz and milkfive. Voluspa perse bloom candle six. Babasouk’s Moroccan pillow 
For the cutest little onesone. Stella McCartney swan boots two. Babe with the power teethree. Maison numero 1 four. Knitted pretzelfive. Maillot moujik
For himone. Cabo verde camera  two. Original Swatch watchthree. 100 movies poster four. Read this if you want to be Instagram famousfive. Crosley record player
For your BFFone. Coral earrings  two. Reading socksthree. The sun and her flowers book  four. Happy scratch journalfive. Faux pink leather gloves
For your Foodie friendone. Marble monogram cheese boards  two. Gold accent dinner plate setthree. Pink letterboard four. Disco ball tumbler (4 pack)five. Fishs eddy like plate

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