Our first Christmas tablescape & decor at the Studio!

A whimsical Christmas Tablescape

Say hello to the happiest month of the year, where pastels, dreamy trees, garlands and an adorable Christmas tablescape decor will cheer up our days ahead, a very good start right? 

This month is officially the number 12 at the studio, oh my gosh! Should I say my studianniversary? Along with these good news (high-five to myself, I survived twelve-intense-months as an entrepreneur), comes the celebrations, the endless entertaining, parties that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE (no judgments here okay) and ALL the food, just the perfect excuse to make time for everyone!

Last week, I ran and bought our first white Christmas tree (I was dreaming and praying to the universe to give me one) so I could finally add all my colourful, whimsical ornaments I’ve been collecting for years now. 

In a hot second, the entire studio became HOLY HAPPY.

and done by myself. all by myself (insert crazy Christmas lady lover over here).

Colorful Holiday Tablescape

Everything started the day that magical tree showed up at the studio. all cute, colorful, and just sparkling all the joy I needed to get inspired back all over again (after a few ups and downs here and there I’ll blog later on). 

So I guess all I wanted was to set up this ultra adorable Christmas tablescape decor filled with new plates, mini wrapped gifts, all the tinsel and good wine making me feel like I was inviting Beyonce to sit with us that day. 


A Whimsical Colourful Christmas Decor
Colorful Bohemian Christmas Tree Decor

I added our shop pompoms and used them as our main star ornament! I truly loved the color scheme and the texture that gave to the tree, life-changing! 

Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Even though the usual Christmas hues are green and red, I kept my favourite tones for the holidays, mint and pink! 

The scallop shaped plates are MeriMeri’s eco party plates, crafted from wood fiber, bamboo and sugarcane, how cool is this? (I got them at Boucle et Papier). The bigger pink plates are from Target (I miss you, Target!).

Holiday Tablescape Decor Ideas

How stinking adorable are these baby gifts? 

A warm, cute welcome touch for your guests if you want to give a little surprise. 

The wrapping paper is from Rifle paper, also my forever favourites!

Tablescape Ideas for Holidays

2020, I can’t wait to have you here and I thank YOU, 2019. You were the best year I could ever ask for. 

Love you all and Feliz Navidad!


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