Mother’s Day Celebration this Weekend!

Tulip Field in Montreal

Motherhood: a gift and a job I took 8 years ago, when my first little cutie, Nico arrived to our family and a few years after with Oli who is now 5 (and I still can’t believe they are both so big and independent). Being a mama has taught me so many lessons the past years, as passing wonderful values about patience, compassion, resilience, love and raising empowered and good humans right next to us. 

Has it been hard? Absolutely yes. Have we cried and lost our temper? Without a single doubt. Do I miss my 8 hour sleep every night? You bet. Is it all worth it? You have NO idea. 

It is the hardest but most gratifying work of all. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama, your friend, your guide and a human that will be forever proud of each milestone, each goal, each lesson you achieve in life (ok, I’m tearing at this point, of course).

Yesterday, my little fam visited for the first time a flower field filled with colourful tulips where we picked our favourites and the kiddos learned all about how magical spring season can be. Scroll down to see all about our day!

Hope you had a wonderful day with your mamas, filled with much much love. 

Tulip field inspiration
Tulip Season in Montreal

This little one couldn’t believe these tulips were all real! MAMA! they’re real!

Tulip fields in Montreal
Tulip season outfit
Tulips in Canada
Tulips in Montreal during Spring

We visited a flower field very close from Montreal, you can check all the info and how to get your tickets online here.

Tulip field trip in Spring
Things to do during spring: Flower field trip
Flower field filled with tulip

ALL the love, and let’s celebrate our mamas in our lives every single day.

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