Decorate with Colour Series: Pillows

The number one question I get from you in the blog and Instagram when we talk about home decor is: HOW can I start adding pop of colour to my decor like you?

It’s about time that I confess that I was exactly the same as you, SO shy and scared  to mix colours when it comes to my home (a few years back, phewww). I remember buying my first IKEA couch with black and white pillows, yes! Maca in black and white kinda era, back then.

.. until one day, it happened, I did it! and I started with tiny changes: colorful pillows!

Decorating with bold accessories is the easiest way to bright up your space and YES, these changes don’t need to be dramatic, you can start little-by-little.

In this first guide of decorating with color, we’ll cover PILLOWS. 

I’ll show you where I love to get mine (and fave shops), how to mix patterns and textures and ultimately, bring all that warmth and coziness needed.

This is just the begining of an entire series on home decor with more tips and ideas for bringing color and fun into your home like a PRO.

I couldn’t be more excited about it. For real! You can follow all my decor posts here!

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