Oh hey! A Personal Update & A Ton of Phone Pics!

When Olivia is going to Atwater

This week, I wanted to do something a bit different and less “planned” for the first time here. 

Whaaaat about talking with you guys about our week? 

About the stress when you’re not on time dropping Nico and Oli at daycare but you’re still surviving, right? 

How about showing you our day to day life and even my phone pics? (someone actually asked that when I did the blog FAQs on Instagram stories, smart! more on that soon)

After 13 LONG days solo-parenting (my husband was away for work) I survived, barely slept and didn’t wash my hair for a week (HA! Mom life at it’s best!). 

Bathroom Selfie
Flower Shop at Atwater Market

Summer has been the total opposite of  yaaay vacayyy time! 

I started Pilates, lowered my carb intake (for the 105th time), Nico started summer camp, Oli changed group at daycare and my hubby got a crazy working trip where he overworked 90% of the time. 

As a mama of two and entrepreneur building something I truly want to achieve, I always ALWAYS think, I’ll have plenty of time to rest later, so in the meantime, I’m going to work my ass off and get beautiful flowers, the rest will flow, eventually it will.

…. and guess what happened? 

We went to Osheaga WITH THE KIDS. This was their second music festival, remember Wayhome here?

Even though we didn’t see all the bands and entire shows, seeing my troppers loving this experience was so incredibly amazing to us. Olivia dancing Rufus du Sol, Nico getting extremely excited about Chemical Brothers (screaming) and the happiness of raising them with all the things we truly love, is somehow priceless my friends, priceless moments.

Osheaga with kids



Our neighbourhood is pretty fun, we have a splash park right next from home and they looove it when it’s super humid and gross outside. I’m still laughing that Nico has a Chandler smile, every time. 

They loved their movie at the park day! It was their first night without daddy, so it helped us a lot to get a fun new activity with mama!

I was SO tired I didn’t have time to have a decent coffee the majority of the week, so I was always keeping at least 15min to myself, meditate in the quiet and enjoy a warm oat milk cap. 


This was my week! How about yours? 

Do you like this new change over here?

Love you, 


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